Thinking about living outside of Brazil? The United States will always have its doors open for specialized and prepared professionals.

In recent years, there has been a shift in the profile of Brazilian immigrants. According to recent research, between January and November 2022, the number of visas and residency applications for the United States by Brazilians with higher education was the highest in the last 22 years.

And this “brain drain” continues this year. Reasons vary from escaping violence, political and economic insecurity to seeking better opportunities in work, cost of living, education, and quality of life. These specialized professionals are required, in addition to academic credentials and extensive experience, for reasons why the United States needs these “brains.” The areas that employ these qualified immigrants the most include health, logistics, engineering, aviation, and information technology (IT).

Many affluent Brazilians are investing in the real estate market in South Florida and transferring businesses, contributing even more to the arrival of entire families for a new life in America.

Lawyer Ingrid Domingues McConville, with over 28 years of immigration experience, believes that the United States will increasingly need specialized workers, and that’s why the EB-2 NIW visa has become one of the main migratory paths for professionals with exceptional skills. However, it is a visa that requires guidance from a lawyer, as it is very detailed regarding the proposed enterprise and its importance to the United States.

Among the criteria required for people with Exceptional Ability or Advanced Degree, the most important is to demonstrate that it is in the national interest for the immigrant to work permanently in the United States.

Applying for a US residence visa is very complex, so planning and execution must be well outlined and defined.

The US Department of State estimates that, in the fiscal year 2023, the US government will have 197,000 work green cards (EB visas) available for issuance.

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