Over 29 years working as an immigration lawyer in the USA. Thousands of companies and families successfully legalized.

At DM Visa Law, our exclusive focus on U.S. Immigration Law enables us to provide professional and tailored legal services to individuals and businesses globally. With a breadth of expertise covering family immigration, employment-based visas, investor visas, and other visa categories, our knowledgeable legal team is adept at determining the most appropriate immigration strategies for our clients. Our commitment to excellence is supported by a multilingual team, advanced technological resources, and more than 29 years of experience, ensuring we offer comprehensive and effective legal solutions.

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Whether your focus lies in family-based immigration, investor visas (including E-2, L-1, or EB-5), or work-related visas (such as H1-B, EB-3, or EB2-NIW), our office is equipped to guide you through the complexities and nuanced aspects of Immigration Law.

Boasting more than 29 years of expertise, our multi-lingual team is committed to delivering personalized and tailored service, ensuring you receive the most suitable solution for your unique immigration challenges.


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There are more than 180 categories of visas available.
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