The United States welcomed hundreds of immigrants on New Year’s Day. In Florida alone, 500 people disembarked. Economic crisis, high inflation, lack of resources, and insecurity contribute to the high wave of immigration. Refugees from Cuba and other parts of the Caribbean risk their lives in rustic boats to reach the Florida Keys. But it’s not only through the islands that immigrants risk their lives. Through the Mexico border, thousands of Latin American immigrants have lost their lives in the crossing – over 800 people in 2022.

Brazil is included in the list of countries with high rates of immigrants attempting to enter the United States. Many Brazilians are still exploited by “coyotes,” who are part of international criminal organizations and reportedly not only charge fortunes for the dangerous crossing but also threaten relatives if they don’t comply with their demands, including drug and human trafficking.

After surviving a desert, a river, scorching daytime heat, and freezing nights, what can one expect? Wealth, security, well-being, prosperity. These are the dreams that attract immigrants to the United States, but in reality, an “illegal” may find jobs with all kinds of abuses, low pay, strenuous work, long hours, and threats.

“Do not risk your lives by embarking on this type of crossing. It’s not worth it,” recommends Ingrid Domingues McConville, an immigration lawyer with over 25 years of experience in the United States. No matter how desperate the situation, there is a secure way to plan people’s arrival in the United States. From the conversation with the lawyer, where alternatives are presented, to the financial agreement (often financed according to the client’s conditions), Dr. Ingrid has successfully reversed this type of situation and mindset and now takes pride in contributing to safer immigration. DM Visa Law has a high rate of clients approved to live in the United States.

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  • Ingrid Domingues-McConville founded DM VISA LAW – Domingues McConville, P.A. in 1995. She has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1995 and a member of the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida. Ingrid earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, and her law degree from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in Cleveland, Ohio. With over 27 years of experience in Immigration Law, Ingrid has represented clients throughout the United States and worldwide, handling both business and family immigration matters. She has helped companies and individuals obtain visas and permanent residence in the United States. Ingrid plays a significant leadership role in the Brazilian community in South Florida and throughout the United States, providing much-needed guidance and legal advice.