New Year is approaching, time to think about the future. Are you thinking about going to the United States?

The future always seems distant when there is no perspective on where to start planning. However, when you have in mind a life change and new achievements, planning means pursuing the realization of your thoughts.

Starting with clear goal-setting, such as a change of country, for example, your professional and personal objectives must be well outlined. Moving on to the next step, thinking about what is needed to achieve your goals, we reach the stage of considering qualification, opportunity, and the availability of resources.

For an American immigration process, for example, there are various types of visas and possibilities that may fit your goal. However, for most work visas, qualification is fundamental. If you already have a defined career, long experience, or specialization, you are halfway there.

Many clients have qualifications, but sometimes they encounter financial planning challenges. However, we are also prepared to help in this aspect with the intention of developing a financial strategy for each case, says immigration lawyer Ingrid Domingues McConville from DM VISA LAW.

The important thing is to analyze all existing possibilities to choose those that fit your purpose. A change implies maintaining focus with discipline and dedication.

Planning makes all the difference, and a serious consultation to know where to start is crucial. Understanding the laws and rules of another country, as well as the lifestyle and general aspects, are important parts of your planning.

That’s why the DMVISA LAW team takes pride in providing this personalized service, even before any commitment, as they understand how much a life transformation can impact each individual. Find the best path.

  • Ingrid Domingues-McConville founded DM VISA LAW – Domingues McConville, P.A. in 1995. She has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1995 and a member of the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida. Ingrid earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, and her law degree from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in Cleveland, Ohio. With over 27 years of experience in Immigration Law, Ingrid has represented clients throughout the United States and worldwide, handling both business and family immigration matters. She has helped companies and individuals obtain visas and permanent residence in the United States. Ingrid plays a significant leadership role in the Brazilian community in South Florida and throughout the United States, providing much-needed guidance and legal advice.