Frauds Can Lead Immigrants to Serious Consequences in the United States.

Frauds can lead immigrants to serious consequences in the United States. Violating federal immigration laws can result in disastrous and even irreversible consequences. A person applying for permanent residence, or even someone who has already obtained a Green Card, can become ineligible and may even have it canceled if they violate the laws in the United States.

Violations can occur in various ways, including illegal entry into the country, fake marriages, phantom businesses, and crimes of moral turpitude. Every day, cases like fraudulent marriages are investigated, and when proven, they can result in the arrest of the U.S. citizen and the deportation of the Green Card holder. Fake companies created for obtaining work visas are also targeted by immigration agents, and when identified, they lead to the deportation of those involved and a ban on reentering the United States.

There are also cases of scams with false promises from companies offering work visas to immigrants who end up paying fortunes to be hired. Immigration lawyer Ingrid Domingues McConville, with 28 years of experience, warns that scams are common, and people need to be wary of what is “easy, fast, cheap, and guaranteed.” There is no process for obtaining work in a short period with guarantees. Moreover, every process is handled by the company through a lawyer, and only at the end, when authorized by the U.S. immigration department, is the candidate informed to attend an interview at the consulate in their home country.

Another problem involving promises to obtain the Green Card “cheaper” or even faster is the promises of notary publics and paralegals who are not authorized or qualified to offer any legal services related to immigration. It is against the law, in any state, for anyone to act as a lawyer without a license – it is a crime. This has happened a lot, leading people to lose money, homes, and even family members.

Immigrants become residents of the United States if they can demonstrate that they meet the criteria for certain visa categories based on family relationships, employment, investment, special skills, skilled professionals, etc.

Achieving the coveted Green Card or legally residing in the United States through legal means requires a lot of work, attention, and care, which only a suitable professional with experience and genuine accreditation is qualified to do.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reviews about 550 tips, leads, cases, and detections of possible fraud, public safety, and national security issues per day!

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  • Ingrid Domingues-McConville founded DM VISA LAW – Domingues McConville, P.A. in 1995. She has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1995 and a member of the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida. Ingrid earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, and her law degree from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in Cleveland, Ohio. With 28 years of experience in Immigration Law, Ingrid has represented clients throughout the United States and worldwide, handling both business and family immigration matters. She has helped companies and individuals obtain visas and permanent residence in the United States. Ingrid plays a significant leadership role in the Brazilian community in South Florida and throughout the United States, providing guidance and much-needed legal advice.