For entrepreneurs wishing to establish themselves in the United States, it is essential to gather detailed information about the available possibilities and visas, as not everyone is eligible to obtain residency in the country.

Since November 2021, when visa appointments resumed at the U.S. consulates in Brazil, the queue has been growing continuously and now has a waiting period of over a year, depending on the consulate’s location.

Many obtain a visa to enjoy vacations, conduct business, or take short courses. Others are already in the land of Uncle Sam and are considering settling down.

For those coming for the first time or on vacation, the granted stay period in the United States is up to 6 months. This is a characteristic concession of the United States, as some other countries grant a visa only for the duration of the trip. Although this stay cannot be exceeded, it can be extended, but it is not advisable, as the approval process for an extension is lengthy and can potentially harm the applicant’s immigration status.

The validity of the U.S. tourist visa (B1 and B2) is currently 10 years. It is important to note that the immigration officer at the airport may deny entry into the country if they notice anything suspicious (even with an approved tourist visa).

For students, the visa is granted depending on the duration of studies. The student will also need to prove sufficient income to sustain themselves in the country and pay for school/university.

For those who wish to establish themselves in the United States, immigration lawyer Dr. Ingrid Domingues McConville advises seeking detailed information about the available possibilities and visas, as not everyone is eligible to obtain residency in the country. Adjusting status while already in the country requires attention because even for those who decide to study after arriving as tourists, deadlines must be well-managed. The advice is to be cautious and patient.

The visas leading to a Green Card are specific, based on family ties, marriage (American spouse), employment-based, refugees, investors, and exceptional abilities.

Considering the alternatives, Brazilians who want to go to the United States, whether for a visit or to live, must be well-prepared and guided to ensure that everything proceeds correctly and satisfactorily.

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