Brazilians do have several options to move to the United States and live legally. Here’s how:

Just like citizens of many countries, Brazilians have several options to move to the United States and live legally, whether for work, study, or entrepreneurship.

Those interested in obtaining a temporary work visa or a Green Card based on employment will find a variety of work visas (allowing you to stay in the country for a specific or defined period).

The Green Card based on employment (allowing permanent residency in the United States) is granted through a visa belonging to a category divided into five sections: EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-4, and EB-5. This category includes employment-sponsored visas, visas for highly skilled professionals, visas for those with advanced degrees and experience, investor visas, etc.

There are other visa categories that can lead to obtaining permanent residency in the United States, such as through family sponsorship (brother, father, or child who is a U.S. citizen), marriage to a U.S. citizen, or winning the Green Card lottery, for example.

Just like with visas, there are various possibilities to obtain a Green Card, depending on each individual’s specific situation, including categories such as asylum and victims of domestic violence. Each option has different requirements, and it is important to determine which one you may qualify for. Moving to the U.S. is a bureaucratic process with many specifics.

Dr. Ingrid Domingues McConville, an experienced American immigration lawyer, warns that, just as applicants request from U.S. immigration authorities, those interested in living in the United States, currently in Brazil, should apply for the visa before leaving their home countries; otherwise, bypassing the process may result in illegality and, consequently, deportation.

The main advice is planning, both financially and in terms of time. Applying for a visa in advance, with prudence and knowledge, are essential conditions to start a process leading to residency in the United States. To learn more about the subject, visit

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